More data! Don’t you love data?

The kangaroo industry is tightly monitored to ensure it produces a healthy product and does so humanely, more tightly than any other industry we believe!

For example every kangaroo processed in Tier 2 export establishments is inspected by a Government Veterinarian to ensure that they were healthy but also that they were taken according to the Code of Practice for the Humane Harvesting of Kangaroos for Commercial Purposes.

Every kangaroo has a tag fixed to it which allows the Government to trace back to the actual harvester who took it, when and where it was shot.  So, every time the Vets find an animal which appears to have not been harvested according to the strict rules laid out in the Code they must initiate an investigation to track back to the Harvester in question and if necessary launch a prosecution.  In 2016 out of 805,666 animals inspected by Government Vets only 13 such investigations were launched.  That’s less than 0.002% of all kangaroos processed!

That really is an extra-ordinarily high level of compliance with the animal welfare rules, backing up the claim often made that kangaroo is the most animal friendly red meat available.

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