Distinctive and uniquely Australian

  • A premium product that is distinctive and uniquely Australian with an excellent flavor, similar to lean beef, but wonderfully rich.
  • Lends itself to many cuisines and dishes and can be slow-cooked in a hot pot, seared quickly in a wok, or tossed into a healthy salad.

Kangaroo tail and diced kangaroo meat is perfect for making curries and slow braised dishes.

Good for you, good for the environment

  • One of the healthiest, tastiest and most sustainable red meats in the world.
  • Responsibly sourced from an open range environment where kangaroos graze on the natural pasture and foliage of the Australian bush.
  • Free from antibiotics, added growth hormones and added chemicals, as a result of wild grazing.
  • High in iron, protein, 98% fat free, and the highest known dietary source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is a fatty acid that studies have shown can contribute to the reduction of body fat.

Kangaroo fillet and steak are excellent cooked on a grill, BBQ or in a hot pan.

All you need to know about kangaroo meat cuts and cooking

Use our industry guide to learn more about the composition of this low fat lean red meat. You’ll also find a meat cut chart and recommended cooking times for stir-fry, roasting, braising, stewing, poaching, smoking, and short-fry.

Australia's best kangaroo

Kangaroo is lean, quick and easy to cook, versatile and flexible. Discover cooking tips and favourite kangaroo recipes from well-known chefs from around Australia.


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